Barbara Cartland

Foto: Courtesy of Barbara Cartland Ebooks Ltd

Barbara is know as the Queen of Romance in the British literature world, and now her numerous works are made available to the world on E-books and audiobooks, bringing new life to her stories of romance and exotic adventures.

Cartland is a “real British lady”, and as well as being the step-grandmother of the late princess Diana of Wales, she has written approximately 700 books, which have sold 600 million copies world wide in many different languages. Her stories of lovely young ladies, elegant and notorious upper class playboys and forbidden love have gained wide popularity with readers around the world.

Born in Birmingham in 1901, she was raised in a wealthy family as an only child. Her father, a British army officer, died in first World War, and her mother was forced to support the small family by opening a boutique. After graduating from an all-girl’s college in New England, Cartland started out as a reporter, but quickly turned to fiction in romantic novels. She sustained a monumentally rapid speed, at which she would write and publish books, and she herself has claimed to be able to write a book in as fast as seven days.

Foto: Courtesy of Barbara Cartland Ebooks Ltd

However efficient creation of these books, she would go on to reach huge popularity, selling over 100 million copies in her life time. The quality of her work serves as a reflection of her colourful life in humanitarian work, her fight for the rights of minorities and better working conditions of nurses. Cartland herself was married twice and she died in 2000 at the advanced age of 98.

En förtrollad vals (The Enchanted Waltz)
In 1815, only months after Napoleon’s defeat, Prince Clement de Metternich, diplomat and famous lover, is in Vienna for the Congress of Peace. The Prince plans to obstruct the Czar of Russia’s aim to stop the peace trety, and he receives help from the lovely Wanda Schonborn, who is poor and in need of protection. She plays the part of a spy, to the Czar’s great frustration, but she suddenly falls in love with Richard Melton, a fellow spy and Englishman. The plot thickens and she cannot tell friend from foe.

Inte av kärlek (Against the Stream)
When the handsome, rich and reserved Sir John Melton proposes to the charming Ann, she reluctantly accepts in the hope that she can bring wealth to her impoverished family. She enters the alien and opulent world of upper class Britian, only to be met with disapprovement and mockery from her husband’s family. In a world of village greens and stiff upper lip, Ann is suddenly with a new and strange feeling: Love.

Foto: Courtesy of Barbara Cartland Ebooks Ltd

Kärlekens irrbloss (A Virgin in Mayfair)
After attending the nun’s school, the lovely young Maxine gets help from her beautiful Aun Dorothy to teach her everything about the glamorous new world outside. Although seemingly vulnerable, untried and reluctant, Maxine is about to be turned into a fairytale princess. She tries to stay in the good favor of London’s glamorous women, but suddenly finds herself in the arms of Harry, the city’s most attractive and notorious playboy.

De grå pärlorna (A Ghost in Monte Carlo)
As Mademoiselle Fantome arrives in Monte Carlo in the season of parties and “joie de vivre”, she quickly becomes the subject of sensation. Men and women in the glamorous city turn their eyes, as this beauty makes her way across the city, along side her protective aunt, neither of them ignorant of the lovely Mademoiselle’s attraction and seduction. She finds love in an unlikely place, but quickly finds herself in a plot, arranged to avenge an old wrong.

Under Egyptens måne (Moonlight on the Sphinx)
When the Lord of Birkenhall dies, he leaves behind a mountain of debt to the siblings Tony and Octavia, who decides to flee the country. They end up in Alexandria in Egypt, where Tony meets the love of his life. There is no room left for Octavia, who has to go back to meet the creditors, but suddenly a mysterious man enters her hotel room for her help, and she finds her life taking a turn for the worse.

På flykt undan kärleken (Love at first Sight)
When the lovely Ila is being forced by her father to marry the rake and evil Marquis of Rakemoore, she flees in the middle of the night to a humble cottage in a village. The marquis refuses to give her up and chases her across the land, but suddenly a small boy becomes the unlikely messenger to Ila with a message of a new marriage, which favors the young girl.

Ängel i Monte Carlo (An Angel in Hell)
After growing up in the watchful gaze of her judgmental and proper aunts, Lady Ancella finds herself by the Roulette table in glamorous Monte Carlo, gambling away and flirting with the handsome Prince Vladimer, a notorious playboy. Forgetting the aunts, Ancella finds herself in too deep and falling dangerously in love.




Barbara Cartland


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