Interview with Meghan March

Senior Pic head shot
Foto: Amy Daws

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a passionate reader and an audiobook fanatic. When I’m not writing or editing, I love to sneak away and spend some quality time daydreaming on beach somewhere. Before I became a full-time author, I was a corporate lawyer for eight years. I’m currently based in Austin, Texas, but plan on seeing more of the world before I pick a permeant home-base.

Why did you choose to write erotic novels and not, for example crime novels?

I’ve been a reader my whole life, and the books that always drew me in were the ones with a love story and a happily ever after. I picked up my first mass market paperback novel in my small town library when I was twelve and didn’t stop until I’d read them all. When I was 13 years old, I had to write a list of life goals for a class and one of mine was to write a romance novel.

What is the most challenging aspect of writing erotica? … and what is most fun?

I think writing erotica and erotic romance are two different things, and I would say my books fall closer to the erotic romance side of the spectrum because the story isn’t just sex, sex, and more sex. The story is about the characters and how they come together and relate, some of which happens through sex, obviously. That can be challenging because as an author, I have to let my characters react how they will and follow their lead. The most fun part for me is keeping it fresh and new, but it seems once I know the characters and their flaws and foibles, everything else falls together.

Who is your favourite author and which is your favourite book?

That question is pretty much impossible to answer, especially because it’s so fluid. I will say that I will drop everything (even in the middle of a deadline) to read certain author’s books. Kresley Cole has three fabulous series that I adore, I’m addicted to Kristen Ashley’s alpha males, and Lisa Kleypas is my absolute must-read for historical romance.

What is your best advice to someone who would like to write a novel?

Get to know your characters. Spend time with them in your head, or even just free writing from their points of view. Figure out what kind of story you want to tell, and then sit down and start. And if you have no idea how to start to write a book, read books on writing craft. That’s exactly what I did.

Thank you Meghan!


Interview with Meghan March


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