Interview with Evangeline Anderson – author of Alien Mate Index


To the series!


Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m a registered MRI tech but I haven’t scanned anyone in about five years since my writing took off. I’m a mom to a twice-exceptional little boy and I’m married to my high school sweetheart. We live in Florida and I feel really blessed to do what I love for a living which is playing with imaginary people all day long–aka writing.




Could you tell us what your new book/series is about?

The Alien Mate Index series is a sci-fi romance action adventure series. I don’t like writing contemporary romance because it seems like nothing is happening but the hero and heroine pining after each other. In my books, there is always an adventure going on with crazy plot twists and turns and of course, lots of hot sex which leads to a happily ever after ending.

What inspires you to write? And how does your writing process look?

What inspired me to write AMI was the many stories you hear from people who claim they have been abducted. I wanted to write a funny sci-fi romance series where abduction by aliens was a real thing that happened to real women who would be relatable characters to my readers. Basically, when you read it, I want you to be able to imagine yourself as the heroine and think what you would do in the circumstances I put my characters in.



What is the most challenging part about writing fiction? And what is the most fun?

The most challenging part of writing any genre fiction is keeping it fresh. You don’t want to fall back into the rut of writing the same thing all the time. Luckily with sci-fi, that isn’t usually a problem because the sky is literally the limit. I can write any kind of plot I want and find a way to make it work within the extremely elastic confines of my genre–I love it!

How do you do your research?

I do research on the Internet when I’m learning about different cultures or space phenomena. I try not to bend the laws of physics too much although to be honest, the romance and adventure take the front seat in my writing and the science part takes the back.



When you aren’t writing; what are you reading? Could you give us a book recommendation?

I recently listened to The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (I’m busy so I do a lot of audiobooks) by Becky Chambers. Guys, you HAVE to get this book! It’s not romance but the world building is phenomenal! It really reminds me of the TV show Firefly with its diverse cast of characters and amazing adventures and situations. Anyone who loves sci-fi should check this out–I can’t recommend it enough.


Interview with Evangeline Anderson – author of Alien Mate Index


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